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Is Now the Best Time to Buy an Apartment?

That's a great question, and it's one I happen to be asked all the time. There are numerous elements of this question which really have to be considered. Are you asking about seasonality? For instance, is it better to buy in the winter time as opposed to the summer time? Or are you simply asking about the current state of New York City's real estate market? Let's address all these questions here.

Can I Buy an Apartment with my Parents in New York City?

You can definitely buy an apartment with your parents in NYC. There are numerous ways of making this happen - everything from your parents buying you an apartment outright to co-purchasing to gifting you funds for the downpayment. Buying an apartment with your parents has a lot of opportunity to help you get started in the NYC real estate market.

How Will Trump's Tax Reform Bill Impact NYC Real Estate?

Tax reform has been one of the key items of the current presidential agenda. The House of Representatives under Republican Party control and a president who has been pushing for a simpler tax code, it was only a matter of time before we would find out what was in store.