Crown Heights, a Classic and Flourishing Brooklyn Neighborhood

Crown Heights is one of Brooklyn's most quickly transforming neighborhoods. With landmarked housing stock, some of the finest brownstones in all of New York City, and a rapidly developing condo and rental market, Crown Heights is attracting new residents from across the city. We take a look at some of the things that make the neighborhood special and a fantastic place to live.

5 Celebrity Must-Haves for NYC Real Estate

Celebrities catch our attention. Whether they're A-List actors, comedians, singers, reality TV stars, athletes or talk show hosts, when we see celebrities we take notice! One of the best places to catch celebrities in their natural habitat is on the streets of New York City. Celebrities are people just like you and me, and at the end of the day, they also want to come back to a place they can call home. So what do celebrities look for when it comes to NYC real estate?

No L Train, No Problem. How Williamsburg Will Continue to Thrive through the Closure.

Williamsburg has undoubtedly become one of the hippest neighborhoods in New York City over the past decade. One of the primary factors involved in Williamsburg’s rise had to do with ease of access to Manhattan. Situated on the Brooklyn waterfront, getting to Williamsburg has always been easy by way of the L Train.