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Why is being represented as a buyer important?

When looking for property in New York City, professional representation is a must have. It is essential that you have somebody who only represents your interests, with no influence from the seller's side. As an apartment purchase will be one of your largest investment decisions, it is important that you have a trusting relationship with someone who can help you navigate through the rapid pace of NYC real estate. 

A good broker that represents you will provide an unbiased perspective and ensure that you only engage in real estate opportunities that truly match your needs, while avoiding bad listings altogether. Here are some of the other tasks that buyer's brokers specialize in:

Creating a Wish List

A buyer's broker will listen to you and help you identify your exact needs. There are many factors that go into buying property. These factors include: price, type of property, property size and layout, neighborhood, amenities, investment value. With the help of a buyer's broker, you will be able to focus on the things that are truly important to you.

Filtering Properties

Somebody that exclusively represents your interests will listen to your needs and identify only the properties that satisfy them. You will receive frequent updates on properties that hit the market and get a full understanding of them prior to previewing them in person.

Fair Market Valuation & Negotiation

A buyer's broker will help you determine the fair market value of a property and will negotiate to meet that price. They will always represent you and your interests. When the seller's broker comes back with terms and conditions, the buyer's broker will fight to ensure that your interests are always protected.

Navigating the Purchase Process

All the way from contract signing to financing and submitting paperwork, a buyer's broker will be there to provide assistance every step of the way. There is no task too small for a good buyer's broker to ensure that you have a smooth transaction from start to finish. You will also be presented with options for legal representation and financing, if you do not already have them.

Property Closing

When it comes time to close on your property, rest assured that your broker will be there with you, sitting across from the seller and their broker. You have representation to the very end of the process. Additionally, if this is an investment property you are purchasing, your property will be placed on the market immediately following the closing to ensure it is rented out right away.

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