5 Celebrity Must-Haves for NYC Real Estate

Downtown Manhattan, TriBeCa

Downtown Manhattan, TriBeCa

Celebrities catch our attention. Whether they're A-List actors, comedians, singers, reality TV stars, athletes or talk show hosts, when we see celebrities we take notice! Usually it's something we might even tell one of our friends about when we've made a sighting. Many New Yorkers aren't even phased by celebrity sightings.

One of the best places to catch celebrities in their natural habitat is on the streets of New York City. That's because in a city like NYC, celebrities are able to easily blend in without people taking notice, unless of course there's an excessive camera crew following their every move. Celebrities are people just like you and me, and at the end of the day, they also want to come back to a place they can call home. 

So what do celebrities look for when it comes to NYC real estate? A lot of things! With celebrity comes a big paycheck, and that money can go a long way when it comes to finding a property that suits their every need. Let's take a look at some of the top must-haves celebrities seek out when it comes to NYC apartment living.

1. Celebrities want Privacy in NYC

We all want privacy, and the burden of privacy becomes so much more important when one's livelihood involves being in the public eye. When someone is done with their day in front of a camera crew or is coming back home for the week after an exhausting week in Los Angeles, a celebrity wants to retreat to an apartment and apartment building that offers them complete privacy, free of intrusion, conversation or camera snaps. Essentially, they want a moat that will protect them from anything and anyone they don't want to deal with.

Some celebs will chose to live in doorman buildings in happening neighborhoods, while some prefer living in apartments or entire town homes without any doormen. 

2. Celebrities want Exclusivity in NYC

Exclusivity enables celebs to have something that nobody else can have, something special and unique. So for instance, the idea of owning a penthouse apartment or one of the biggest apartments in a building is something that some celebs will seek out. Others will seek out trendy locations and neighborhoods that add to the overall prestige of where they're living. Ultimately, celebrities want to be able to spend their hard-earned money on something that someone else can't just wake up and buy.

3. Celebrities want Full-Service in NYC

There are some celebs that prefer quiet, quaint building on cobbled blocks without doormen and so forth. However, many celebs prefer having full-service luxury at their disposal. They want someone to open their door, pickup their packages and dry cleaning and even act as their concierge. White-glove, discrete service is par for the course for celebs. They need a place they can call home for days or weeks at a time, while their busy schedules keep them out and about.

Amazing City Views

Amazing City Views

4. Celebrities want NYC Views

People will pay a premium for views. Celebs have amassed wealth that allows them to pay for these luxury views. Views in NYC make a huge difference in the way that people connect with a city and space. Whether they're views of the skyline or of one of the rivers, anything beats looking into a brick wall. Why look into a brick wall when you can afford views? Exactly! 

5. Celebrities want Comfort in NYC

Let's face it, NYC can be a stressful place. Home needs to feel like a sanctuary. Celebs don't have to spare a single expense to make sure their home always feels like their paradise. Ultimately, they just want to be comfortable. Comfort means something unique to each individual, but you can rest assured that when celebs are hunting for property, they're keeping comfort top of mind.

Let's take a look at some buildings in Manhattan that have attracted major celebrity buyers as of late:

443 Greenwich Street in TriBeCa

443 Greenwich Street

443 Greenwich Street

Buyers include Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Harry Styles and Mike Myers.

Look here for more details: 

Buyers in this residence receive full-service luxury treatment, exclusivity of neighborhood and property, privacy and comfort. TriBeCa is not known for its views, but these spacious loft-style property are so expansive that it likely makes up for any concern about the lack of views.

70 Vestry Street in TriBeCa

Buyers include Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen. When you've won numerous Super Bowls and are one of the most famous models in the world, the possibilities of what you can buy in NYC is limitless. Buying into one of TriBeCa's premier developments, the couple are the first celebrities to buy into the building. With the cache they'll bring to the building, they'll surely not be that last!

More details about this power couple's purchase can be found here: