Blooming Sky x Maker's Row

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to write for our friends at Maker's Row. It's the Ultimate Guide to Finding a Multipurpose Space for Living and Working.

If you haven't heard about Maker's Row, it's a venture funded company that makes factory sourcing easy. They pride themselves in connecting designers and entrepreneurs to American based factories. Maker's Row breaks down the manufacturing process to make it simpler to understand, while also providing easy access to sourcing.

So what does factory sourcing and real estate have to do with each other? Well, consider the fact that many entrepreneurs get started with their businesses within the comforts of their home. Living in a property with extra space can be the best way to make functional use out of a space for both living and working.

As outlined in the article, the key is finding the right property for one's required needs. Some choices include: 

  • Apartment with Home Office

  • Apartment with Work Loft

  • House with Finished Basement

Finding the right fit is essential. Discipline to ensure that one is able to work and live in the same space is definitely required.

There are numerous financial benefits for this work/live type of arrangement, including a reduction in overall costs as well as positive tax implications.

If you want to get the full scoop, make sure to check out this article at Maker's Row to learn more.