3 Minute Guide to Bushwick, Brooklyn

Alright, we know there's a lot of neighborhood guides out there, but figured we might be the first one to cut through all the fluff. Have you ever been out to Bushwick? No? We'll it's literally a 10 minute subway ride away on the L train. Don't do the subway? How about a $15 Uber ride across the Williamsburg Bridge?

Here's our short 3 minute guide to Bushwick. No, you can't do all these things in 3 minutes. But you can definitely read this blog post in 3 minutes (or less!).

Start by taking the L train to the Morgan Avenue stop. Welcome to Bushwick. You've made it to the gates of Valhalla. Okay, excuse the Mad Max reference. But in all seriousness, you've made it to what is locally known as Morganville.

Now proceed through Bushwick in the following order:

1. Go to Momo Sushi Shack for Lunch

Address: 43 Bogart Street

So you think that going to Bushwick for sushi is a wild proposition, don't you? We'll you are right. But how many times have you done wild things that you rave about for years to come. This place was featured in the Financial Times several years ago for being a pioneer in the Bushwick food scene.

With an eclectic feel and creative sushi combinations, this place is not to be missed. Personal favorites include the Oyako Maki Roll and the Spicy McBomb. Curious as to what they are? You'll just have to try them out for yourself.

2. Hit up Superior Elevation to Sample some Vinyl Records

Address: 100 White Street

You remember the record player your parents had, right? Maybe you currently have a record player, or maybe you don't. Doesn't matter. At Superior Elevation in Bushwick, you have the chance to sample over thousands of vintage records. Just take the ones that interest you and pop them onto a turntable. Turn on the headphones and press play.

Whether you're listening to a 1950s Duke Ellington jazz number or some vintage beats, you'll be carried away to a different world. Best of all, if you have a record player at home, you can buy any of these records and take the magic home with you. Now that you're all jazzed up, let's get you caffeinated.

3. Drink a Coffee at the Swallow Cafe

Address: 49 Bogart Street

Artisan coffee shop meets Bushwick, Brooklyn. The entrance to this cafe is surely eye-catching. The coffee and tea is equally as exceptional. Grab a cup and enjoy the company of people in this cozy space, or take it to go and jump back on the L train.

Bushwick was named one of the coolest neighborhoods by Vogue. If you haven't been, stop making excuses. You now have a game plan of what to do when you get out there.

Alright, 3 minutes is up. Enjoy!

Still have time? Check out this SNL skit about Bushwick.