Raising the Standard

Everything we do in life is a reflection of our standards. For better or for worse, our standards have put us into the very situations that we are currently in. Where we live and how we live also tends to be a reflection of these standards.

Do you like where you live? Is it enough space? Are the finishes up to par? Do you like the people who live in your building? If these thoughts never creep up, then you’re golden. You’re at peace with where and how you live. However, I would bet to say that many New Yorkers think about these things every now and then, or maybe even all the time in some extreme cases.

So what then? Raise your standard! Don’t just sit there and accept what you have as your reality. The past and present do not have to be an indicator for your future. You may have loved that loft look and feel when you moved into the place, but you may have outgrown it. This is perfectly normal. Embrace your newfound perspective and make your move.

People often find that having high standards for themselves is something they need to be shy about. If you’re living in a beautiful apartment and are complaining to a friend about how you don’t like certain things about it, your friend likely won’t show much sympathy. Better yet, they’ll probably judge you too, even though they may not do it to your face.


Just remember, nobody cares as much about you as you do.

So raise your standard and pursue your dreams. Naturally, this thinking can apply to everything you do in life just as much as it can apply to your decisions about real estate.


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