So you've probably seen the ads on the subway, on bus stations or on top of a cabs whizzing by as you hustle across the street on a red light. The call to action is quite simply brilliant: Find your place. StreetEasy is New York City's premiere real estate listing platform, both for rentals and sales. In 2013 StreetEasy was purchased by Zillow, which immediately began investing money into optimizing its web interface and spending marketing dollars on creating awareness to drive consumer traffic.

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Check out some of StreetEasy's most iconic ad campaigns, executed by the creative agency: Office of Baby.

How do you use StreetEasy?

If you are looking for a new apartment, multi-family or townhouse in NYC, StreetEasy puts the power of search and discovery to your fingertips. 

Buying - Simply input the following fields into the search bar:

  • Neighborhood / Building / Address
  • Minimum Price
  • Maximum Price
  • Number of Bedrooms

You may also opt to conduct a more advanced search by clicking the link titled "+ Additional Options."

Additional selections that become available at this point include:

  • Property Type (condo, co-op, multi-family, etc...)
  • Bathrooms
  • Status
  • Square Feet
  • Open House
  • Custom Boundary
  • Listing Amenities
  • Description
  • Pre-war / New Development
  • Maintenance
  • Taxes
  • School Zoning
  • Zip
  • Nearby Transit Lines

Once you make your selections, you will be provided with sales listings that best match your criteria. You can then individually evaluate each of the listings by clicking on them, where you'll be further exposed to information relevant to the respective property.

Who Lists on StreetEasy?

There are two groups of people who post on StreetEasy.

Listing Brokers Posting on StreetEasy

These are professionals who have sales exclusives to sell properties. They are allowed to market the property across the internet, and StreetEasy will be one of their primary listing resources. Since many buyers have been driven to look for properties on the website, brokers are becoming increasingly more dependent on this platform to help their exclusives get maximum visibility.

For Sale by Owner

Owners can also directly list on StreetEasy and post their own listing. Some owners may choose to do this in an effort to circumvent any broker fees associated with listing brokers.

How do You Contact an Agent on StreetEasy?

If you are interested in learning more about the property, you may be tempted to input information on the "Learn More" section located next to the listing. It is important to note that your contact details will not actually be going to the listing broker, but rather will be sold in the form of a lead to a buyer's agent.


Agents are sold leads via Zillow's Premier Agent network, which allows agents to buy leads in specific zip codes. These agents will receive incoming leads via phone or email and then will contact respective leads. 

We strongly recommend that you work with a broker who represents you on the purchase of your property, as it is of great benefit to you and does not cost you anything.

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Learn More About Properties

It's essential that you work with a broker that you actually want to work with and that you can trust, as opposed to someone who is just paying for your lead. If you're considering buying a property in NYC and would like to use StreetEasy as a tool to search for listings, we would be happy to assist and discuss all the details about working with a buyer's broker on the purchase of your property.

We pride ourselves in representing your interests from the initial property search all the way through closing. We have personal experience in buying an selling our own properties and have served dozens of clients with who we work closely and develop lasting relationships. 

StreetEasy is a Powerful Tool

When you use the power of the StreetEasy platform and blend it with the insights of a buyer's broker, you will set yourself up for success. 

Don't hesitate to reach out for more information.